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I can definitely say this was fantastic, it was so fun to playthrough! I added a full review at the end of the video where I go through what I love about this and what i think can be improved.

Video link:

This game is really cool! The graphics are really well done and the music is great! I did notice a few shells that were missing textures but I reported it in the bug reports after I finished the game. Also came to a point where I had to restart the game in order to get passed one of the statues because the "key" I had vanished after using it on a different statue. Also reported it. Overall, good stuff! I look forward to seeing where else this game goes! :)

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this is cool and all, but the download is broken

An astonishing game, I had a wonderful time playing it. the graphics choked out my computer a bit but it did not take away from the experience. The creatures, Music, and atmosphere are all 10/10 for me. Looking forward to the full release!!! Keep up the amazing work

Wow fantastic graphics. 

I think Cthulhu could have a bit more drippiness to him. He did just come out of the ocean. I did find it a wee bit difficult to navigate the rocks since I naturally assume I could jump over the small boulders. The candles did help a lot in sense of direction and I think it needs more. The run function did not work at first when introduced, but it did in the black maze. I absolutely love Lovecraftian games and I hope this grows well for you guys. The inventory system is really neat visually. I am excited to see the full release in the future!

Hi The Shore, your game is enthralling and I would love to be part of it, so if you happen to make it global, please count on me to localise it. I could even be the project manager for the localisation process, anyway, I'll be all ears!!!

This is extremely beautiful ! Just a little complaint, I really had a hard time in the caves maze...maybe add a subtle hint anywhere ? Otherwise you did very well !


Was impressed with scale of things. Not something you see in an indie game very often. Looks beautiful. I experienced the same issues as others but overall I enjoyed my time!

How do I get the demo? Been dying to try this out.

Really cool game i liked it a lot. it does have some issues maybe but there is a lot of potential in this good luck to you 

This game was impressive, to say the least, I got confused and ended up not getting very far, judging from other people's playthroughs, I may play again soon.

Gave the game a try as I saw a lot of people playing it.  I thought the game looks really good!  The graphics, atmosphere, and objectives in the game are good! 

Good job developer youre making really beautiful game. but i dont really like that invisible wall in your game 

Thank you my friend for your feedback!  invisible walls will be limited in the final version


I just played this game and loved it! I definitely can't wait for more! Here's my gameplay if you wanna check it out! My feedback is at the end!


This was honestly one of the better games I've ever seen on ItchIo. The concept is very cool, the atmosphere is great, the creatures are incredible, and I really hope this becomes a full game. I did encounter a couple of bugs which I reported, but overall this seems EXTREMELY promising. 

Awesome game. I experienced one bug - inside the light house I got stuck in the hammock for 10 or 20 seconds.


This game should be featured. It’s SUPER well-made and makes my game look like trash 😂. I love it, good luck with future projects.

Watch The Shore Gameplay For Fun

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This was a great demo teaser for something that hopefully will be a real gem of a game. The photorealistic setting initially reminded me of the first time I played Myst - and then the rest of the atmospheric design totally engrossed me. Very well produced with the sound editing and the sheer magnitude of things being seen (the monolithic creature, Cthulhu's halls of residence, etc) just blew me away. Highly recommended. Thought it was a bold move to introduce some of Lovecraft's beasts so early in the build, but not sure if this is just for the demo?


  1. Engrossing atmosphere, slow burn tension that kept this player engaged and thoroughly entertained.
  2. Great use of the Lovecraftian lore - utilised better then some of the triple A games out currently.
  3. Visually stunning, some awe struck moments.


  1. Puzzle elements currently just seem to be basic fetch quests. Get a key, open a door. Get a talisman, open a blocked path. Would have loved to have seen some a bit more depth on intricate puzzle solving.
  2. Certain pop-in textures did disengage this player when they occurred, but realise that this may be fixed before full game release.
  3. Realise that there's a lot to pack into the demo but the main protagonist mentions his daughter at the beginning and then...nothing much after. Think the player should be reminded what they are playing for throughout the narrative. 

Overall, a damn fine game, sir!  

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I came to try and play this before finishing the Alpha Beta Gamer video because I was impressed. Unfortunately I don't have the disc space to unpack the downloaded files, but that's an issue on my end, not yours.

I'm going to repost what I wrote earlier because I'm trying to help you get your game out there. If you have a problem with the content, say so or ask questions. Deleting valid criticism (especially when it's not about the game) won't help you, and just hurts all of us. I genuinely hope I can play your game someday, but I guess I need to just wait and see, and watch the video for now.

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What I posted earlier:

It’s genuinely concerning how difficult it is to download your demo. You likely don’t want such a huge obstacle keeping people from trying your game.

Fix the download link, make it one working link, and host the files wherever recommends to make the game installable through’s desktop installer. Fix these issues and you’ll be doing one less thing to hurt your game getting an audience.

At very least, don’t package the game files in a .rar file, that’s ridiculous. Compress as a regular .zip file, those are ubiquitous and recommended:

Good luck.

I wasn’t very nice in this comment, and I apologize for that. But I wasn’t mean, either, and I only wanted to help.

itch limit the size of files they will distribute via their servers, hence many devs split the archive.
You can get a bigger allowance but there is still a limit.

Rar or 7Zip is as valid a format as any if you have the apropreate software installed. Most OSs do support the old 1980s format PKZIP, but in the decades since we have moved on so the files can be smaller by a huge margin, and in the case of RAR also include a recovery record so corrupt downloads can be rebuilt.
I even use Rar files with Amiga OS (a 90s computer) because it is so widely supported and used.

My solution would be make the distro as a multipart SFX-RAR, so all you have to do is double-click the exe and let it unpack itself.
Or simply advise users that this is a multipart RAR archive so you need to have Winrar, Winzip or 7zip etc. installed to unpack it (all are free and small).


There is some crazy attention to detail in this 1, i rarely play lovecraft inspired games but something told me to give this a go and i am glad i did, being under the water felt so real i hated it haha, here is my gameplay i hope you enjoy:


It awesome 


The game was definitly interesting and really interesting to explore. I hope to see more of the game.

Here's my channel for other games I have played.


Hey I dont have that much internet speed or data to download 13GB can you upload a compressed version please!!!?


Wow.... This game certainly caught me by surprise as a big Lovecraft fan. The game was well programmed as it never lagged or seemed to over utilize my GPU or CPU. There are certainly some animations that need to be worked upon which I'm sure there are such as the watermens running animations and the combat. Besides that this game is absolutely stunning. I haven't been as engaged and entranced in game like I was playing this for awhile now. Looking forward to future updates!


Thank you for playing the game!  Awesome video i realy enjoyed watching it!  till the final release we will update and improve many things ingame!  we take all the feedback very seriously, and i can not wait to show you the rest of the game!


My thoughts/feedback for the game and complete walkthrough. Developers can rest easy knowing I can provide you with actual critical feedback without feeling a strange compulsion to toot your horn about how this game is the Best Thing Evar by everyone else. (Alternative, criticisms aside, I can tell a lot of work and effort has been put into this game, and it is a pretty game)


This game is GREAT!!!! seriously I want to see more. Its stunning how beautiful it is in graphics and gameplay is done well. I really want to see what else you peeps make not just with this game but others. Keep it up you got the talent. 


A very impressive demo, although it does need a lot of tweaking here and there. I'll be keeping an eye on this one.


Oh. My. God. This was probably the best demo I have ever played (other than a ps1 demo disk, those are my favs) but my god..the voice acting, the ambiance, the music, everything about this screamed "THIS GAME IS THE BEST" I WILL be purchasing this game at full price when it comes out. Will post a video tomorrow or so, I couldn't wait that long to make a comment. Good job developer(s) I cannot wait to see what else you have in store for us!


This is art  


Impressive how much game is in the demo!
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Good game support authors

Looking forward to your official version


Google link is disabled due to too much traffic, Mega link wants me to pay for an account due to the file size. You should probably split it into multiple smaller rars. 

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I see that uploading it to Mega was a waste of time, that link is now removed.

As an alternative I've added another google drive link for when the first gets too much trafic

 and as a last resort a file mail link

We didn't predicts o much trafic during our first days here, so we were unprepared.

In a few days the demo will be available on Steam fixing all these transfer issues!

Ooooh, yeah I don't do Steam. lol I'll try your other links and hope for the best. Thanks!

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Hey guys i'm checking all the feedback with your help and support we will make this game better i love this project its not just a game for me, so whatever your feedback is we take everything seriously !  keep up gaming  one of the best things in this life!


i found a shell without a texture

Thank you for letting us know, could you maybe tell us where you found that shell? :)

There is a Report a Bug button ! Im playing for 5 hours same demo to help em find as many bugs i can :) Keep ur good job guys !

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Can't download x_x too much traffic on your Drive

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Sorry for the inconvenience

You can try downloading from here ;)

(1 edit) expects you to pay them in order to actually download something over 5GB. Free accounts cannot download something of that size, only 'Premium accounts'

Edit: Thanks for the 3rd link!

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I was unaware of that, the link to Mega has been replaced with another google drive link and as a last resort a FileMail link

i'd love to know the music you used! it's absolutely beautiful.

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